SNC Kalite is responsible for the certification and quality assurance of component suppliers and assembly workshop. For more information about SNC Kalite and their solutions, please visit their web site:

Windtec as an engineering company has been operating in the wind turbine development sector for over ten years. It has extensive experience in the development of complete WEC installations and individual components as well as a comprehensive understanding of technical and commercial relationship of different type of equipment.

Windtec is:

  • 100% subsidiary of American Superconductor (AMSC)
  • Target market: world wide
  • Current markets: Germany, China, Japan, Korea, North America, France, Czech Republic
  • Complete Customer Specific Development of Wind Turbines
  • Development and improvement of any type of wind-turbines
  • Onshore and Offshore wind-turbines
  • Power-rating up to Multi Megawatt
  • Development, improvement and distribution of complete electrical system for wind-turbines

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AMSC, founded in 1987, is a leading energy technologies company offering an array of solutions based on two proprietary technologies: programmable power electronic converters and high temperature superconductor (HTS) wires.

The operations of the company are conducted through two business units:

  • AMSC Power Systems:

    Produces a broad range of products to increase electrical grid capacity and reliability; supplies electrical systems used in wind turbines; sells power electronic products that regulate wind farm voltage to enable their interconnection to the power grid; licenses proprietary wind energy system designs to manufacturers of such systems; and provides consulting services to the wind industry.
  • AMSC Superconductors:

    Focuses on the manufacturing of HTS wire and coils; the design and development of HTS products such as power cables, fault current limiters and motors; and the management of large-scale HTS projects such as HTS power cable system design, manufacturing and installation.

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