There are four main steps in the production of a wind turbine:

1. Manufacturing

All the necessary parts and components are manufactured precisely to meet the requirements of a top quality and highly efficient wind turbine. These components include:

  • Rotor - rotor blades, hub, blade bearings and blade pitch mechanism.
  • Mechanical drive train and nacelle - rotor shaft, gearbox, nacelle bedplate and yaw mechanism.
  • Electrical system - generator, inverter, switch gear, control system, transformer, cabling and other electrical components.
  • Tower - tower, solid foundations.

2. Assembly

Manufactured parts are assembled to create 3 main parts:

  • Nacelle
  • Blades
  • Tower

3. Installation

The main parts are joined to form the wind turbine, which is then ready to be installed in a suitable wind park.

4. Commissioning

Testing and operating the wind turbine. Connection to the grid and checking the power output.

Mechanical Engineering Capabilities

  • Towers: Calculation and design of towers made of steel and/or concrete, including certification.
  • Measurements: Specification and support regarding measurements (loads, power curve and noise) on wind turbines and comparison with simulations.
  • Training and support: Localization, assembly, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

Electrical Engineering Service

  • Power converters: Implementation and optimization of variable-speed electrics.
  • Pitch systems: Implementation and optimization of electrical pitch systems and supply.