Why wind energy?

The supply of energy is a global problem. Studies indicate that the world's resources are limited and that demand for energy is increasing. There are a number of alternatives available to satisfy the demands:

  • Nuclear Energy Plants
  • Hydroelectric Plants
  • Geothermal Plants
  • Wind Energy Plants

But, existing regulations and problems of infrastructure restrict the efficient use of nuclear energy. Hydroelectric plants above a certain capacity require extended construction, installation and start-up periods. In addition, water shortages caused by global warming limit the potential of such plants. Geothermal energy sources are scarce thus restricting the lifespan of these energy plants.

Wind turbines in contrary to those alternatives, cannot only be installed and operational in a short period of time, but they are also environmentally friendly. Having a free source to power the turbines without the worry of supply is an additional benefit that makes wind energy the obvious choice to satisfy the demand for energy.

Additionally, Wind Energy

  • Is a clean energy source and it is safe
  • Has no effect on the atmosphere pollution and climate changes.
  • Is a renewable source that never runs out.

What is the current situation?

Turkey has insufficient oil and natural gas reserves. To reduce Turkey’s dependency on foreign energy supply, alternative energy sources are being sought. Turkey currently produces 35% of its energy from petroleum, followed by coal and natural gas each accounting for 27% of the country’s energy production. The rest is being produced via renewable energy sources.

According to 2006 figures, 72% of our country’s energy was imported. In the same year, electricity production had increased an average of 8-9% to total around 170 Billion kWh. If such growth continues, to satisfy energy demands by 2020, an additional 41.500 MW (a modest estimate) to 57.000 MW will be required.

Global wind energy production has increased by 25% within the last 15 years. According to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) 2007 report, the installed wind power capacity around the world is 93.864 MW. According to the same report, the installed wind power capacity in other countries is as follows: Germany 22.247 MW, USA: 16.818 MW and Spain 15.145 MW.

The GWEC report published in 2007 highlighted Turkey’s large wind power production potential. Although wind speed in Turkey is low (except in areas such as Çanakkale, Band¹rma, Amasra and Hatay), the country has constant wind across large areas.

Most wind turbines that are currently installed in Turkey have been manufactured to suit wind conditions of other countries thus not maximizing their full potential at their existing location. The solution is to design wind turbines more suited to Turkey’s specific conditions. This is a priority for Model Enerji.